title: Robophobia #1

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Robophobia  #1
{ "id": "83-63", "createdAt": "2024-02-17T20:20:48.000000Z", "name": "Robophobia #1", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeieiitm3fyytsotp5ysnr4n5ceee7whn7ac4tud3bnefozgsptamya", "metadata": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreigeikzaqltpqkvuaymotzxx7khrkwednsknzlmkbydmgw2uwikbfa", "currentOwner": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "issuer": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "meta": { "id": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreigeikzaqltpqkvuaymotzxx7khrkwednsknzlmkbydmgw2uwikbfa", "name": "Robophobia #1", "description": "Are you scared AI is coming for your job? Me Too!!!\n\nGet ready to explore the digital world of Robophobia NFT by Maurii ( maurii.com ), a collection of AI-inspired art pieces that will make your head spin! With the rise of artificial intelligence, many people are feeling scared about job security. But don't worry, this NFT collection is here to remind us of the beauty and creativity that AI can bring to our lives. Don't miss out on owning these one-of-a-kind pieces!\n\n3 #NFTs available \n\nRobophobia NFT\nBy Maurii \nLiving In The New Normal NFT Collection\n\nMaurii Exclusive NFT on Polkadot \n#nft #nftartist #nftart #polkadotnft #polkadotnftcollection ", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeieiitm3fyytsotp5ysnr4n5ceee7whn7ac4tud3bnefozgsptamya", "animationUrl": null, "type": "image/jpeg" }, "price": "0" }