title: Sugar Is The Enemy #2

image: https://imagedelivery.net/jk5b6spi_m_-9qC4VTnjpg/https---image-w-kodadot-xyz-ipfs-bafybeicsac2q2raa4kjfxqtjxt7kky4ckdcmhfi7j2ls3a4pxg7hkwlofe/small

price: 100.0000 DOT

usd: 591.00

network: Polkadot AssetHub

Sugar Is The Enemy #2
{ "id": "83-67", "createdAt": "2024-03-10T15:52:48.000000Z", "name": "Sugar Is The Enemy #2", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeicsac2q2raa4kjfxqtjxt7kky4ckdcmhfi7j2ls3a4pxg7hkwlofe", "metadata": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreidyxk4mcf4d7avhwijgxqqxqb7q7xcfd26jtbgokenhl2fyny73om", "currentOwner": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "issuer": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "meta": { "id": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreidyxk4mcf4d7avhwijgxqqxqb7q7xcfd26jtbgokenhl2fyny73om", "name": "Sugar Is The Enemy #2", "description": "\"Sugar Is The Enemy\" stands as a poignant digital artwork crafted by the visionary NFT artist Maurii, resonating with the alarming truth surrounding hidden sugars prevalent in modern food products. Minted on the Polkadot blockchain, Maurii's NFT serves as a powerful catalyst for raising awareness about the detrimental impact of excessive sugar consumption on human health. Through vibrant visuals and thought-provoking symbolism, Maurii's piece delves deep into the hidden perils lurking within our daily diets, urging viewers to confront the insidious nature of added sugars.\n\nIn an era dominated by convenience and processed foods, Maurii's NFT serves as a wake-up call, illuminating the pervasive presence of hidden sugars in seemingly innocent consumables. From sugary beverages to processed snacks, Maurii's artwork sheds light on the deceptive tactics employed by the food industry, exposing consumers to the risks of obesity, diabetes, and other related health complications.\n\nMAURII.COM", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeicsac2q2raa4kjfxqtjxt7kky4ckdcmhfi7j2ls3a4pxg7hkwlofe", "animationUrl": null, "type": "image/png" }, "price": "1000000000000" }