title: The Sunshine State #3

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The Sunshine State #3
{ "id": "83-74", "createdAt": "2024-03-25T00:30:36.000000Z", "name": "The Sunshine State #3", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeifqwvgpeyaqxtbnqq3ejotx2v5gpwebobjzssxns63tmhmguwokpe", "metadata": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreifpnxkxsbovcyd7v2sxc56fjq4txu6nna2r3nzcd6sspbvupv72gy", "currentOwner": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "issuer": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "meta": { "id": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreifpnxkxsbovcyd7v2sxc56fjq4txu6nna2r3nzcd6sspbvupv72gy", "name": "The Sunshine State #3", "description": "\"The Sunshine State\" NFT by Maurii captures the essence of South Florida, a region characterized by its dynamic contrasts. In recent years, South Florida has experienced a surge in its population, with people flocking to the region for its sunny weather, vibrant culture, and economic opportunities. However, beneath the surface of this growing population lies stark wealth gaps and disparities. While some residents enjoy extreme wealth and luxury lifestyles, others struggle to make ends meet, highlighting the socioeconomic diversity that defines the region.\n\nNFT By Maurii \n\"The Sunshine State NFT\" ", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeifqwvgpeyaqxtbnqq3ejotx2v5gpwebobjzssxns63tmhmguwokpe", "animationUrl": null, "type": "image/jpeg" }, "price": "1000000000000" }