title: Monster Inflation #3

image: ipfs://ipfs/bafybeignh3uopsihdtvdinz3mdxrivx7wkxymjmqac6735qajtjrwqlhg4

price: 100.0000 DOT

usd: 742.00

network: Polkadot AssetHub

Monster Inflation #3
{ "id": "83-80", "createdAt": "2024-04-20T21:09:00.000000Z", "name": "Monster Inflation #3", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeignh3uopsihdtvdinz3mdxrivx7wkxymjmqac6735qajtjrwqlhg4", "metadata": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreie7byaqg5x2a7kcml2luux7k6kxtlxtkojrcvfxtdbdl34b45w3se", "currentOwner": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "issuer": "129SJm1hPEyfqFcBgjqJc9Hu58uHxBxgQ3xkxkfKeQoGnfby", "meta": { "id": "ipfs://ipfs/bafkreie7byaqg5x2a7kcml2luux7k6kxtlxtkojrcvfxtdbdl34b45w3se", "name": "Monster Inflation #3", "description": "\"Monster Inflation\" NFT, by NFT artist Maurii, delves deep into the harrowing realms of hyperinflation, rendering its impacts vividly through digital art. Maurii's piece serves as a poignant commentary on the socio-economic repercussions of unchecked inflationary pressures.\nThe relentless surge in the cost of living becomes palpable as towering beasts loom over mundane scenes, representing the overwhelming burden faced by ordinary individuals. The once-familiar symbols of stability and comfort are transfigured into grotesque embodiments of economic distress, echoing the struggles of those grappling with the relentless tide of inflation. From towering food prices to homes morphed into unattainable fortresses, each element in \"Monster Inflation\" serves as a chilling reminder of the fragility of financial security in the face of hyper inflationary forces.\n\n“The only cure for inflation is to reduce the rate at which total spending is growing.” - Milton Friedman\n", "image": "ipfs://ipfs/bafybeignh3uopsihdtvdinz3mdxrivx7wkxymjmqac6735qajtjrwqlhg4", "animationUrl": null, "type": "image/jpeg" }, "price": "1000000000000" }